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Achieve Ultimate Work-Life Balance and Happiness

“Those who view this will have ease, those who recite this will have safety, those who receive this will have good fortune, those who keep this
will have longevity”


by His Holiness Grandmaster
Professor Lin Yun

The purpose of the Imnala Group is to enable people to energize their life and promote happiness and wellness to the world by bringing balance into their lives.

Feng Shui stands for wind and water, which is the essence of life. Through applying the principles of Feng Shui you bring balance to all aspects of your life and create the right “energy” for you to achieve the life you desire.

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Feng Shui Today

featuring Dawn Hankins

Feng Shui Today
is a 13-part television series
based on the popular book The Forces Behind Feng Shui by author Dawn Hankins.

Alberta-based Feng Shui expert and author Dawn Hankins, visits homes in the Calgary area providing Feng Shui tips for the occupants to improve their lives.

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Imnala Group creates new Corporate Training initiative

Clearing Clutter to achieve Life and Business Success

Treat the people in your organization to an inspiring course that will provide a unique learning experience. This course, designed to be interactive and fun, provides the tools for people in your organization to become better organized in both their business and personal lives.

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Learn to apply the

Principles of Feng Shui
to Energize Your Life!

Purchase your copy of
the book on which
the TV series is based!

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The Forces Behind Feng Shui Dawn Hankins, Feng Shui Expert

Dawn Hankins

When life is becoming too intense and you need to slow down, add four smooth rounded rocks to each of the four corners of your bedroom.

by Dawn Hankins

October 2016

The Forces Behind Feng Shui

Personal Bagua Overlay


I will help you overlay the Bagua on your home plans.

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Bagua Overlay